How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Divorce

With over a billion active Facebook users and nearly nine hundred million on Twitter, it is apparent that social media has become an important part of our society, especially in Florida. Unfortunately, social media cannot only contribute to a couple’s decision to divorce, it can play a huge part in the actual divorce proceedings. If you are considering a Florida divorce, and have questions regarding how social media may affect the outcome, speaking to an experienced Florida social media attorney from The Law Place can be extremely beneficial. Our social media trained attorneys can evaluate the circumstances in your particular situation, and recommend your best course of action in the state of Florida.

Can Facebook Cause a Divorce?

A couple of decades ago, breakups, overall, tended to be less complex. One of the reasons for the more complicated nature of today’s divorces could be tied to photographs and social media postings which can memorialize forever even the most insignificant moments of life. This proliferation of social media has likely contributed to the divorce rate as well. Of course few people can blame social media entirely for a divorce, but in many cases Facebook postings definitely played a part.
Whether it relates to an excessive amount of time spent in front of the computer checking out FB postings, or destroyed trust in a marriage due to sharing intimacy with newly found FB friends, such behaviors can definitely take a toll on a marriage. Flirtatious postings can ultimately be seen by a spouse, or, in some cases, extra-marital affairs may be discussed on FB, leading to a spouse finding out his husband or wife is cheating.
It is important to remember that while many see posting messages as harmless, simply because it is not a form of face-to-face communication, in truth, these messages can be extremely hurtful to spouses. When past girlfriends or boyfriends get added to the social media mix, the resulting jealousy can lead to constant arguments between spouses which, in turn, can definitely contribute to a divorce. The lawyers at the Family Law Place are trained in Florida social media cases. The Internet gives us a sense of anonymity, not to mention providing access to a world where temptation abounds. Facebook ranks as the primary site spouses who are unhappy in their marriage go to contemplate a better relationship.

How Can Social Media Affect Your Florida Divorce?

how social media affects Florida divorce cases

If social media didn’t cause your divorce, it can certainly make things much tougher during the divorce. Some spouses use discovered Facebook postings to blackmail the other in order to receive a larger share of marital assets or gain custody of the children. Or, an unscrupulous spouse may threaten to post personal, intimate details about the other spouse’s life on Facebook for all to see unless he or she gets exactly what they want.
Other people seem unaware of the damage they can do to their own divorce through social media postings.
If you live in Florida and have a divorce case that stems from social media, give our lawyers a call today.
As an example, you may think there is little harm in posting a photograph of yourself with a drink in your hand, acting goofy at a friend’s party. It certainly seems harmless enough, until the spouse you are divorcing brings this photograph into court as evidence showing you are not a fit parent.

How Florida Attorneys Use Social Media on Their Client’s Behalf

Many divorce attorneys now use Facebook as a matter of course during the divorce—in fact, more than 80% of lawyers surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers stated FB now shows up in a large percentage of their divorce case. Spouses who claim they have few assets may post a photo on Facebook of their brand new boat, or photos showing them having fun at the vacation cabin in the mountains they swore in court they sold many years ago. The list is endless, and it is truly startling what people will post on their Facebook page, under the assumption it will not come back to bite them.

Staying Away From Social Media Until the Divorce is Final

Many family law attorneys advise their clients to “divorce” their FB page until the divorce is final; further, never post anything when you have been drinking or are in an emotional state. While you may be able to delete your own posting the next morning when reason returns, there is no guarantee that your spouse has not already printed the page before you do so. Although Florida is a no-fault divorce state, evidence of adultery can certainly impact claims for spousal support as well as asset division, and postings showing alcohol or drug use can be highly relevant in custody proceedings. Making an online reference to a vacation, bonus or raise at work, or anything to do with finances can affect asset division or spousal support awards.
The social media attorneys at The Law Place counsel our divorcing clients to make a careful review of all social media pages, any presence on dating websites, texts, e-mails and cell phone content for anything which could potentially damage your divorce in Florida. Our attorneys have extensive experience in social media, and will use this experience on your behalf to ensure you receive an equitable settlement in your Florida divorce. Get all your questions answered about social media and Florida law by calling our office.

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