Tampa Bay Family Lawyer

At the Family Law Place, we can help you with your family law matter. The field of family law encompasses all legal matters pertaining to the family unit. Pre- and Post- nuptial agreements, divorce and child support and custody are all covered under our services that we offer.
Your Tampa Bay Family Lawyer can help with dissolution of marriages from both the uncontested and contested. In the event of a contested divorce, your Tampa Bay Family Lawyer can provide counsel and assistance with mediation, alimony, child support and division of assets. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable settlement possible.
Your Tampa Bay Family Lawyer can also provide assistance with post-judgment matters such as modification of alimony and child support as well as modification of timesharing and parenting plans. As with contested divorces, your Tampa Bay Family Lawyer’s goal is to provide the most favorable outcome that can be achieved whether the issue is contested or settled without a trial.